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Scrapbooking Online Made Easy With Scrapblog

Make Your Own Virtual Scrapbook Online

I try to be a crafty, DIY type of gal but I have to admit, my heart belongs to the Internet and my trusty laptop. I probably would really enjoy making my own photo scrapbooks if I could just tear myself away from my Flickr account long enough to print some of my pics. But thankfully, Scrapblog has made me realize I shouldn't be ashamed of my Internet addiction, but that I should nurture it.

Why? Cause I can just as easily make my photo scrapbooks online with Scrapblog's easy to use service, plus I can get my creation out to more people since I can embed it on my blog, or send links to my friends and family. And hey, I'll even save a few trees in the process. To hear how Scrapblog works, just


Similar to TeamSugar's photo album feature, Scrapblog allows you to upload your favorite photos from your desktop, or from a number of photo hosting sites, add some text, videos, and customize your pages just the way you want. You can change backgrounds, add stickers, change fonts, and even edit your photos right in Scrapblog. The best part? Yup, it's all free, so instead of spending a fortune on scrap booking supplies, I can spend my dough on other things. . . you know, like a new laptop bag, or apps for my shiny new iPhone.

Join The Conversation
mrskrismendoza mrskrismendoza 8 years
That is so cool! I already do scrapbooking, but I can use the photos I scanned for online. :D
would love to win
null89076 null89076 8 years
absolutely genius! i have always wanted to get into scrapbooking, but after i saw how much it could be i backed out. this is perfect for a flickrbug like myself. thanks for the heads up!
emo_stacer emo_stacer 8 years
if you wanted a hard copy of your scrapbook do they have a printing service?
lickety-split lickety-split 8 years
actual scrapbooking makes a huge mess, between the tools and the cutting, etc. this is way better.
ches ches 8 years
hanna-montana hanna-montana 8 years
OhFish OhFish 9 years
I'm addicted. Too cute - and easy! Great site!
BostonChick BostonChick 9 years
This is cute! I really like it. Now I need to find some pictures to try it out with. :)
RebeccaJ RebeccaJ 9 years
Thanks for the awesome blog post! Glad we can help you keep your internet addiction rolling! Rebecca Community Manager
kcwebgirl kcwebgirl 9 years
one of the best sites of the day ever!
soapbox soapbox 9 years
This is so great! Too bad my camera broke >.<
ayanaphil ayanaphil 9 years
Geek... I absolutely love you for this! I've been trying to find a way to handle my graduation pictures and not have to send them out individually because it gets too expensive. Now I'm going to do something with this site!
GeeksDreamGirl GeeksDreamGirl 9 years
Not to mention it's a whole lot cheaper than scrapbooking!!
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