On July 1, California's new state law that requires drivers to use hands-free technology like headsets and bluetooth-enabled devices will take full effect. The Policy Institute of California is predicting that this new law will save around 300 lives a year (a 7 percent decline in fatal car accidents), considering the drop other states have noticed since enforcing the law.

The penalty if you get caught talking with your phone to your ear? It's only $20 for first-time offenders and you won't lose points against your driving record. Regardless, the cops issuing tickets are going to be swamped for the first six months till people finally realize they're going to need a hands-free device. I suggest going geek chic with the Jawbone Headset. Hey, at least Seal is playing it safe while maintaining his techno-chic flair with his shiny Bentley, shiny shades, and shiny Bluetooth earpiece!