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What! Seinfeld Emoji Has Arrived

Jul 21 2014 - 5:16am

HOLEY MOLEY. Our Seinfeld prayers have been answered. The tweeple behind the @Seinfeld2000 [1] parody account (bio: "Imagen Seinfeld was never canceled and still NBC comedy program today?") developed a new app with over 40 new Seinfeld emojis!

According to creators Kevin McCauley and Shahruz Shaukat, the emojis won't be a part of the official emoji keyboard [2], unfortunately. But you will be able to text them through this new app, which launched today for iOS [3] (free)! There will be no confusing these Seinfeld characters in text conversations, unlike the very vague current lineup [4] of illustrated smileys and objects.

Source: Sony Pictures [5]

The app!

Source: App Store [6]


"Look to the cookie!"

Source: Seinfeld Emoji [7]

Modern Jerry . . . with Google Glass

"Ugh, I hate people." — Elaine

"Yeah, they're the worst." — Jerry

Source: Seinfeld Emoji [8]


"There was shrinkage!"

Source: Seinfeld Emoji [9]


"Maybe the dingo ate your baby!"

Source: Seinfeld Emoji [10]


"Look away, I'm hideous."

Source: Seinfeld Emoji [11]


"Hello . . . Newman."

Source: Seinfeld Emoji [12]


They're making me thirsty.

Source: Seinfeld Emoji [13]

Check out even more emojis!

Frank, George's mom, and more are at SeinfeldEmoji.com [14]!

Source: Seinfeld Emoji [15]

So excited!!!

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