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Smize! 7 Apps to Perfect the Art of the Selfie

Dec 27 2014 - 3:30pm

Remember when Ellen DeGeneres [1]'s A-list selfie at the Oscars [2] broke Twitter? Since then, the selfie trend has been going strong (although, not all agree that it's a good thing [3]). If you're still taking selfies the old-school way (with your arms outstretched), pull in those limbs, because we've got several apps that'll make self-portraits look like they weren't actually taken by you. Check 'em out now!

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Get your turn in the Oscars limelight by creating a free account at Urturn [5] and adding your face to this epic celeb selfie!

Selfie 360

Selfie 360 [6] (free) brings selfies and GIFs together, at last. This iOS app capture 90-degree portraits, 360-degree panoramas, and full-3D selfies. Advanced editors can adjust animation speed and photos per rotation, too!


The Internet is full of haters, which is why selfie-sharing network Shots [7] (free) is committed to creating a "hater-free place." It's only likes, no comments, to prevent bullying.


The winner of Mobile Web Congress's global mobile award is CamMe [8] (free) for iOS. Use your hand gestures to trigger the strugger from two to 16 feet away. Take several photos at once with the photo-booth feature, or paste your face in a photo cut-out with funshot.

Baby Selfie

Get your tot in on the action with Baby Selfie [9] ($1) for Android. The app shows your little one custom drawings and fun sound to get their attention, then captures his or her bewildered reaction on the spot.


Twitter founder Jack Dorsey [10] and actor/entrepreneur Ashton Kutcher [11] have put their cash behind Frontback [12] (free) for iOS, an app that takes a photo with the front and rear cameras — at the same time. Share both shots in a single image, add captions, and share them instantly.

Cat Selfie

It was inevitable. Cat Selfie [13] ($1) for iOS has arrived. The app will beam a laser at your laser-loving kitty. Every time your cat touches the screen, the app will capture his or her furry feline face.

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