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Felfie, Delfie, Ussie: A Guide to Every Ridiculous Selfie

Jun 21 2016 - 12:55pm

You already know that animal selfies [1] are the greatest things on the Internet right now. But you might not know all the other types of selfies [2] blowing up Instagram — like "felfies" or "ussies." Consider this a (silly) crash course.

Source: Getty [3]

#Ussie (or #Usie)

A selfie with a couple of people (or really photogenic pets).


When you take a selfie purposely looking "ugly."


Farmer selfies. No joke.


A perfectly nonchalant selfie showing off your butt, popularized by Instagram it girl Jen Selter [4].


Selfie with your cooler-than-cool dog.


No explanation needed, but we prefer the sarcastic ones over the NSFW kind.


When your hairdo is the main star.


Even celebrities are getting in on the trend [5].

Source: Instagram user jlo [6]


When you've got so much dough to spend, and you want the world to know it.


Another step forward for drone photography [7].


Aka a selfie of you doing something healthy, like going to the gym or munching on a salad.


A selfie nonawkwardly outstretching your arm to fit a really large group.


When you just can't keep that cute shelf [8] to yourself (or when you're tired of all of the above).

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