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Sergey Brin's Five Finger Shoes

Why Geeks Will Love Sergey Brin's Shoes

While at the Google event yesterday, Sergey Brin took the stage during the Q&A session with some interesting looking shoes. Intrigued, I did some research. Come to find out these shoes, called Vibram Five Fingers MOC ($110), are kind of geeky in their own right (and pretty well known in the tech and fitness community). It's all about posture — not only do Five Fingers help correct yours and align your spine (which will come in handy after long hours at your computer), but they also help to improve balance and agility by stimulating neurons in your feet. Sounds pretty awesome for a tired geek, right?

Find out more about Sergey's shoes (and what they can do for your coding team) after the break.

What's more, Sergey is probably getting great circulation in his legs (which can be an issue after sitting for too long) since the Five Fingers stimulate muscles. How? For starters, they don't surround your tootsies with cushion like regular sneakers do, meaning your feet and toes can move more freely. Plus, let's face it — these shoes are a conversation starter, and what geek doesn't want an easy way to strike up a convo with an attractive lady or potential business partner?

What do you think — are the Five Fingers calling your name?

vinigrette vinigrette 7 years
Correction to the article: there are no neurons in the foot. Neurons are found in the brain. Nerves are found in the foot.
animatedpunk animatedpunk 7 years
I LOVE mine!! I only wear them to run in the mornings, but they are great! I actually did a post about them on my onsugar blog -
Yesi-Jukebox Yesi-Jukebox 7 years
I'm not sure that I would wear them out and on the subway but I would definitely wear them at home and under my desk at work.
wiggle wiggle 7 years
I just don't like them. I know I shouldn't knock them until I try them, but they quite unattractive.
SkinnyMarie SkinnyMarie 7 years
a neighbor of mine has them and loves them too. little freaky looking at first though.
zzleigh zzleigh 7 years
These are so awesome! I was talking to my boyfriend about these not but two days ago, and we both really want a pair. They look comfy!
theacuffzoo theacuffzoo 7 years
I actually own a pair of the KSO style FiveFingers, and they are fan-tas-tic! I wear them everywhere (including work), and they really so help. I have weak ankles and haven't had an issue since using them :D I do get a lot of people asking me about them, but usually because they've heard about them somewhere
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