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Seven Things the Apple iPhone 3G S Didn't Come With

7 Things Apple Didn't Include in the iPhone 3G S

Who doesn't love a new iPhone?! Although the iPhone 3G S is nearly identical to the iPhone 3G on the outside, it certainly has a few more (desperately needed) bells and whistles on the inside. But after all the excitement from the WWDC liveblogging action, I got a second to catch my breath, and tally all of the things the new iPhone 3G S is missing. Yes, there are a few things missing, and the first one is kinda obvious:

  1. More Carrier Options: I think if Apple allowed more carriers to offer the iPhone, it would totally take over the market. I can't tell you how many people I've talked to that want the iPhone, but won't take the plunge because they either dislike AT&T, or just don't want to change providers.

To see the remaining six things Apple could add to the iPhone to make it just that much better, just


  1. Lower Upgrade Prices: And I quote directly from Apple's product page: "For non-qualified customers, including existing AT&T customers who want to upgrade from another phone or replace an iPhone 3G, the price with a new two-year agreement is $499 (8GB), $599 (16GB), or $699 (32GB)." Now that's highway robbery.
  2. Camera Flash: It's great that Apple is giving us a great new 3 megapixel camera with auto focus, auto macro, and auto white balance, but what about a flash for those super low light situations? I was hoping . . .
  3. Push Email: The iPhone would be my all-in-one business and pleasure phone if I didn't have to obsessively have to check my inbox. Nuff said.
  4. Ability to Run More Than One App at Once: It's a pain in my rear when I am knee deep in a sweet Tetris game and receive a text message. I then have to exit Tetris, and enter the messaging app. Is there a way to pause one app while you open another? Well, is there!?
  5. Colors: Remember when the first iPod was just plain white, and then all of the sudden a rainbow of iPod Mini's, iPod Nano's and iPod Shuffles washed over us? Yeah, that would be awesome now too.
  6. Flash support: With the majority of websites using flash embedded videos, and some of the funnest games out there being flash, it would make sense to have this added feature. I mean, if you want us to surf the web on this little gadget, not to mention that some websites are all Flash, let us do what you made this phone to do — play games, surf the web, and you know, make some calls here or there.

Is there anything you wish the iPhone 3G S had on board?

frizzyfawn frizzyfawn 8 years
I want to be able to buy and use the phone without having to automatically pay $30 for the data plan that I don't really want. I love the iPhone and would totally buy it but I'm not paying an extra $360 a year. I should have a choice when buying the iPhone, not be forced into some additional feature.
karlotta karlotta 8 years
I think the biggest thing it DOESN'T have is the OLED screen. That was part of the rumors, and I'm so disappointed. And the matte backing. :(
kcwebgirl kcwebgirl 8 years
flash support would be awesome. i don't download shows or movies but it would be cool to watch hulu while at the airport chilling.
wendland99 wendland99 8 years
you can play music in the background. it's scrabble that is stopping you. background music is an app by app basis. all Apple allow this and many apps and games do too.
itsme3683 itsme3683 8 years
This kindof goes with the multitasking bit, but I really want to be able to listen to music while using my apps! I hate that I can't keep listening what I was listening to while I play my Scrabble game, and the default game music is so awful that you have to just sit and play in silence.
lwimbush lwimbush 8 years
a keyboard. im all for the iphone but i honestly don't know if i can handle the touch screen...
wendland99 wendland99 8 years
Push email is a 2-way service. The phone needs the ability and the provider(mail service). The iPhone is Push ready - and MobileMe and Blackberry offer push mail service. Other free mail services do not - But here is a great article about how to get it for free:
JenBrett JenBrett 8 years
I personally don't have an issue with the push aspect. Mail with fetch you mail every 15min but you can also just tap refresh and it'll get it right then. Push is only enabled for your .me account, contacts and calendars. Your other email addresses sould say Fetch if you look under Advanced
wendland99 wendland99 8 years
multi-tasking - definitely would be nice to reply to a text while in a game, etc. But it is a phone and how many things are you really doing at once? They do allow some things to run on top of other apps such as the iPod function, i would suspect text will soon to follow... But you must realize most folks forget what they opened 2 minutes ago and with more apps running, the more battery you are using.... I think Apple is on the right this will lead to my other point about Push notification service in a minute... My other Huge gripe is the folks whining and complaining about contracts! To be honest, you have so much to learn about business and the world of economies... Just as someone mentioned, go buy a Nokia N95 - unlocked is over $600, just like the iPhone. Carriers have been gracious enough to essentially loan us the few hundred up front so we can pay them back with our monthly service plan over a year or 2. The plans are the same cost pretty much regardless of the phone, so they will take a hit if you stay with them for a couple years...pretty smart and awesome if you tihnk about it... read this article and maybe you will understand: Regarding #4 - push email - the iPhone offers Push with MobileMe service (which rocks by the way) OTA syncing cal, contacts and mail, iDisk, find my iPhone, online photo services, file sharing, etc. Better than all the services available yet all in one (flickr, etc.) But anyways Push Notification service offers PUSH and WAYYYYY more.... the P-N-S service offers pushing of a sound, text message or notification ticker (red number on app icon) - this is huge. So of course there will be an app that will check all your email accounts and can notify you via push with a sound, text message or just a ticker. So that clearly covers PUSH email and more... BUTTTTT this applies to ALL applications. any app can provide this, so now Apple has taking the Push email concept, polished it and made it way more powerful. I still think many have no idea of the possibilites. facebook, ESPN, Instant messages, email, rss feeds, etc - realtime push notification to you. I could go on and on... moving on - Flash Support - yes this would be huge...and will come soon enough (waiting on Adobe)... but its not like it really hinders you... still have you tube and most sites have html available or an app can provide anything you need... but what does the iphone have that no other phones have... Compass! doesn't sound like much but just wait to see what apps make use of it. think about it, with the compass, gps and accellerometer your phone will know its exact orientation at all times. You could take a picture of a building on the street and with your location, orientation, elevation and tilt, it will know what floor and window of a building you are looking at - the example isn't exciting but apply that to games and other stuff, lots of sweet possibilities... video recording! - standard yet its 30fps and video editing...pretty huge. camera flash would be nice but hey, it is a phone and with software you can get by.... But lastly, yes AT&T is dropping the ball. They need to come clean on MMS and tethering - we need dates and details and need it soon. I have long been happy with AT&T but I am yet to test their 3G network (still on edge with 1st Gen iPhone) With the boost of sales and customers, lets hope AT&T steps it up...
margokhal margokhal 8 years
I totally agree with #1. Because that's the only reason I won't get an iPhone. I left AT&T for a reason, and I'm not about to go back to get burned again. Bring the iPhone to T-Mobile - the plan would probably be much cheaper (it would have to be like the plan for the Sidekick), and it actually only requires adding a certain bandwidth frequency to allow T-Mobile customers to use 3G networks anyway. AT&T does have a contract with Apple for exclusivity until next year [it was supposed to end this year, but AT&T was able to extend it for one more year - ugh]. Even then, there's already talks of AT&T trying to extend their exclusivity beyond that...but I don't think they can keep other carriers out of the market for that much longer. About #2: EVERY cell phone company is doing highway robbery with upgrades and contracts. I don't understand why you HAVE to be locked into an expensive 2-year contract in general. The carrier gets the phone's worth [if you were getting the phone at a discounted price] from your monthly payments in about a year's time, so it doesn't make sense to have to stay and pay for another year. And not being able to upgrade until you are almost done with your 2 year contract really sucks. But making existing customers pay nearly full price for new iPhones is totally ridiculous, but not surprising with AT&T. And #5 is a BIG one: iPhones need to be basically like Mac computers - they should be able to run more than one app or do more than one thing at a time. The Pre already does this, and it's been a big selling point over the iPhone, which makes it a very serious contender. Also, switching to Sprint's plans would be cheaper. The only thing the iPhone has over the Pre right now is the availability of apps - though that might soon be a non-issue as developers are adapting their iPhone App Store products for the Pre. Great analysis, Geeksugar! I very much concur.
PiNkY-PiNk PiNkY-PiNk 8 years
geek, I agree with all of these! I wish I could get a pink iphone on sprint! it'd be great if it could multitask (tried it on the pre, amazing!) and watch hulu on my phone. ...i think most of those are only fantasies that will never happen though.
vivaciousv1114 vivaciousv1114 8 years
Doesn't AT&T still have exclusivity until at least next year still? They may be waiting to release new carrier options until next year. I hope anyway. I'm with Verizon and I refuse to leave them, even for the iPhone no matter how much I want it.
ecaloshay ecaloshay 8 years
I thought it had Push Email too. It is listed as a feature on the Au Apple site, but on the US one it says you get Push Email with MobileMe... Hrm.
Ashybaylor Ashybaylor 8 years
The existing iphone already has push email.
Baby-Girl Baby-Girl 8 years
Does it have an FM transmitter? That would be something I could use. All of my Nokia N-series phones and Sony Ericssons had FM transmitters and flashes on the camera.
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