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Does Technology Make You a Better Lover?

Technology is improving our lives in many ways, but does that also include our sex lives? The thrice updated Dr. SexyTime App (which is now available on both the iOS and Android platforms) previously promised to help coach you through famous movie sex scenes, but now is getting down to the science of sex. Providing sexual education through "homework assignments" and step-by-step instructions on how to perform in the bedroom (aka, The Choreographer), this app is said to take you from zero to hero in no time. Though, I'm not sure how well your partner would feel about your obsessive phone habits while you're getting busy. Studies have shown that technology is disrupting our relationships in other ways as well. Not only is social media cited for everything from infidelity to divorce, but trends indicate that Twitter users don't even bother finding a sexual partner and tend to satisfy themselves more often. On the other side of the coin, the Internet has widened our relationship reach and allows more people to find love online. What do you think — are our sex lives getting better or worse thanks to technology?

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AppAddict88 AppAddict88 6 years
Love this app. The features are great, easy to use, and the whole choreographer thing is actually hands free. No cell phone getting in the way of our business :) Finally a sex app that gets it right.
SciencePie SciencePie 6 years
They had me at Science! Would definitely agree that hanging out by your computer or Blackberry too late in the night can interfere with your real life relationships. In that respect all uber-connectedness is bad. But after downloading this app I'll say it's the first "sex ed" app I've seen that is actually high quality and has lots of educational content. Homework assignments look like fun date night experiments (and have interesting science background), but I can see that the sex coach feature uses audio - so we can kick it off and just go. I think anything that encourages people to branch out, even a little is a good thing...I'm sure the guys like the pictures too!
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