We've nearly reached the end of Wedding Season on the Sugar Network and while I've given you tips on how to make a wedding website, put together a slideshow for the actual ceremony and even how to hire a wedding photographer, we haven't talked about how to display and share those photos after the big day.

  • Digital Photo Frames: Hopefully you included a digital photo frame in your gift registry. If not, make sure to get one and put all your favorite photos on it. It allows you to display a rotating collection of your best wedding pictures.
  • Share On Your Wedding Website: If you are using a site like eWedding or The Knot to host your wedding website there are simple ways to upload your pictures onto their site.
  • Share On Your Photo Service Page: In an effort to keep things personal, I suggest creating your own site, or using Flickr or Picasa to share your wedding photos and honeymoon photos (only the appropriate ones, of course). You can upload them in a flash (often you can use an uploading tool and get hundreds of photos online in a matter of minutes), tag them, give them captions and best of all allow your family, friends and even people who didn't attend the wedding to enjoy and comment on your photos. Check out my guide to using online photo services for more help.
  • Remember to Geotag!: If you do end up sharing your honeymoon photos on Flickr or Picasa, make sure to geotag them. Geotagging, or adding geographical identification to images (usually latitude and longitude coordinates or place names), was once a feature reserved to the most extreme online photo community addicts, but has become extremely popular and will help your friends get an idea of of exactly where you vacationed. (It's also a great memory resource in case you want to go back to the same place someday but can't remember where it was located!)