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ShopSavvy To Be the Hottest App to Run on Google Android

It's a refreshing change to finally hear about apps that aren't Apple or iPhone related! One of the first Android apps I've read about and quite frankly - one that sounds right up my alley - is called ShopSavvy; a comparison-shopping application that was specifically built for Google's Android mobile phone platform. One of the winners in Google's Android Developer Challenge, Shop Savvy (formerly known as GoCart), will price products online and show you a rundown of prices so you can comparison shop!

ShopSavvy acts as your very own shopping assistant, giving you the ability to scan the barcode of products by taking pics with your phone's camera. With this pic, ShopSavvy will then compare prices online and the prices of local retailers with your phone's built-in GPS. Now this is one I cannot wait to try out!

To see a video walk-through of ShopSavvy, just


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searlea searlea 8 years
I really should have included an example link... Using Halo 3 (as shown in the screenshot in the article) you can get a price-comparison using (where 8 82224 48241 7 is the barcode) We (ewelike) are obviously not the only ones to do this. Lots of sites take barcodes either in their search fields or directly in the address - though this is more common for books (using the ISBN number - which is always the same as the barcode) than for films, cds, games etc.
searlea searlea 8 years
If you're willing to do some minor typing you can already do price-comparison using moblie-phones and barcodes at - on any mobile. (we even trialled price-comparison via SMS over 12 months ago, but it proved to be too cumbersome...) Scanning using a phone-camera's much cooler of course, and I'm sure there'll be plenty of competition in this area (the idea's not new - people have just been waiting for phone-camera's to improve.) The GPS / nearest store idea is great, but I'm not sure how well it'll work. Will they know the stock-availability? Will they know the right price (in-store prices are often different to online prices for the same store. e.g. HMV in the UK...) It's going to be interesting.
amuse amuse 8 years
@gemsera ShopSavvy will be available in the UK in November and throughout Europe in Q1 2009. Thanks for the post!!!
gemsera gemsera 8 years
very cool, hope this works in the UK when it comes out :)
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