The Concierge system from Springboard Networks might be the upcoming innovation I'm looking forward to the most. It's a cart-mounted computer interface with LCD screen that acts as a guide through your favorite (or foreign) grocery store. You won't have to ask anyone where the black olives are because you can just do a query on your cart.

While the Concierge system is still in its concept juncture, the device seems like it would come in handy in nearly any shopping situation. For more about it,

Concierge offers customizable personalized content, security encryption (cause no one wants to know how much wine and tequila I buy!), advanced database analytics and low maintenance. It features built-in, future-proofed functionality that is ready for tomorrow's technology: integration with cell phones and handheld computers, a comprehensive shopping, nutrition and recipe web portal, and new CRM models. I'm not sure the co-op where I shop will be signing up anytime soon, but I'm sure there's a trendy market or two that would love to say they offer Concierge assistance for every shopper.