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Should a 10-Year-Old Own A BlackBerry?

MSN recently featured an interesting story on the debate of whether or not parents should buy mobile devices for their preteens.

The piece lead with a description of Robert, a typical 10-year-old who came home from summer camp and asked his parents for a BlackBerry because one of his counselors had one. That sounds shocking, but according to MSN, a 2006 study found that more than 50 percent of the "tween" population (8- to 12-year-olds) will be using cell phones by 2010.

While I wholeheartedly understand that cell phones can be a great security system for young children - particularly those going back and forth between two houses - I can't fathom why a 10-year-old might need a BlackBerry. What do you think?


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wikipedia1234 wikipedia1234 5 years
 @loveforstacy  what 16 years for a blackberry!! ur crazy i got one when i was 10 and i lookied after it proper fro mthe adults point of view children are carelss dumb thing s but we are not careless
wikipedia1234 wikipedia1234 5 years
iam 10 and i got a blackberry this week and someone said it will nto be used an iam on it every day also all my friends have blackberries so we can talk on bbm for free and wen i was 8 i got a samsung slide up but thats like a starter fone blackberries may be expensive but its better having a phone that u will use and will be happy to use and pay a bit more than pay and not use the fone so i think well come on this is the 21st centery let the kids have fun 
Chxoxo Chxoxo 5 years
I don't see why not- as long as the bills aren't too high and guidelines are set by the parents about how they can use it.
baita001 baita001 6 years
I am 10 and i am getting a blackberry for christmas :D
elkile elkile 6 years
Amazing, no one yet has commented on the number one reason why a child should not have a BB..... unrestricted internet access!!!!! It is not a good idea to allow your child to roam over the web without knowing who they are talking to online and what kind of web content they are exposed to. I totally understand and agree with the need for a kid to have a means of communication for emergencies, logisitics & calling parents. Kids to need exposure to the technology they will be dependent upon as adults and they should be able to have some fun texting their friends (as long as it is not interfering with school or homework, limits!). However, a child does not need a world class executive level office tool, this is an unecessary expense in terms of hardware & contract fees. Why pay for things you will not use. Start with a Firefly for a ten year old, and work your way up as they get older and indicate they can handle growing responsibility and freedom. Parents who are footing the bills for these family accounts should not throw away their hard earned money... buy what you need and spend what you can afford. That is my two cents!
WarEagleNurse WarEagleNurse 7 years
thomasdoranbbz thomasdoranbbz 7 years
It's fair enough to give your child an inexpensive mobile phone, so that they are satisfied and have something to play on, and so that you feel comfortable that they are only a call away when they are out, but buying them a BlackBerry is a completely different story. What 10-year-old needs to organise their calendar, or check their email on the go? I'd say you should wait until they are at least 13-14 to get a smartphone.
Monique-Marie427757 Monique-Marie427757 7 years
A cell phone is a good idea for your child if the situation calls for one, but there is no reason why a child needs a blackberry. Just a simple emergency phone is good enough.
Thecoolone Thecoolone 8 years
An elementary student with a BB absolutely ridiculous. i'm 19 and I have the BB curve through Verizon which requires the plan of email and internet use. I find it very useful as a college student, but a 10 year old??? i didn't even know that elementary kids owned a cell phone........
voltageclaw2917 voltageclaw2917 9 years
If your poor then no. But if your rich I mean why not let your kids have a blackberry? My little brother which is 9 has a blackberry curve. I have a iPhone 3g.
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