Remember the state representative from Kentucky who wanted to ban anonymous Internet commenters? I wonder what he'd think about this story: A teacher in St. Louis was fired for a comment he left on a news story that ran on a newspaper website. The author of the article, titled "What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever eaten? And did you like it?" was not amused by the comment (which, to be fair, was pretty vulgar) and tracked down the commenter's IP address.

After realizing the comment came from a local school, he contacted them immediately, thinking it must have come from a student. Turns out it was posted by a teacher, and when confronted about it, he resigned. The reporter is pretty unapologetic, and judging by the 16 pages of comments on the follow-up article, people have strong opinions on the subject.

When I asked, most of you thought banning anonymous comments was a bad idea. What do you think about this case?