A few months ago British police were cautioning people who steal Wifi, now it seems they are really cracking down - even arresting a man for picking up an unsecured Wifi signal. According to the Daily Mail, a 39-year-old man was held after two police community support officers became suspicious when they spotted him using a laptop computer on a garden wall (sounds a little like Humpty Dumpty, doesn't it?).

When questioned, the man admitted to using someone else's unsecured wi-fi broadband connection outside a house. He now faces a fine, six months in prison (or both), under the under section one of the Computer Misuse Act and Section 125 of the Communications Act 2003.

The punishments sound slightly exaggerated and unfounded to me - I mean if people leave their wireless networks unsecured they're almost asking for it. It's like leaving candy on your doorstep and thinking neighborhood kids aren't going to snack on it. What do you think?