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Should We Kiss Our Sick Days Good-Bye?

With the invention of laptops, wifi, live chat and email, the office can be transported anywhere - including your home sweet home...on your sick days.

According to our girls at
Shiny Shiny TV, technology could be ruining the traditional "lie on the couch, sip on soup, and veg out" sick day. There are undeniably those days when our bodies will not be making it farther than the front door. Instead of healing ourselves with lots of rest and fluids, we spend our day catching up on work, sending those overdue email, surfing the net for the latest handbags. Unless you turn off your PDA, your laptop and the TV, you will never get that peace and quiet your mind and body needs.

What are your thoughts on this? Is it a personal choice to stay electronically connected? Or are we slaves to the world of TiVo, the net and text messaging?

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