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Should eBooks Cost the Same as Traditional Books? 2010-02-13 09:30:39

Should eBooks Cost the Same as Traditional Books?

Though many were skeptical at first, eReaders like the Kindle, Nook, and soon the iPad are hotter than ever. And while the main argument against them will always remain the same ("Don't you prefer holding an actual book?"), I don't see eReaders going the way of the pager anytime soon. Amazon's top eBook price was $9.99, but will rise to $14.99 for new releases and best sellers. Current eBook customers aren't happy about the price increase, but publishers hope that new customers will adopt the price increase with no problem.

The change raises an interesting question: when we buy a book are we paying for the content or the physical product? Supporters of a lower price point out that digital books carry no physical production costs, and the lack of a tangible product should equal a lower price. I tend to agree; after all, who pockets the additional $5 from the price change? Publishers? Authors? What do you think?

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