Last week after reading a news story about increasing eBook prices, I asked if you thought eBooks should cost the same as traditional books. An overwhelming majority of you (94 percent!) felt that eBooks should cost less than traditional books. Here are a few of your opinions:

"I think the price margin should remain the same for print vs. digital therefore if you take away the cost of producing physical books the pricing should follow suit. —erinat

"eBooks should be cheaper than regular books. They are definitely cheaper to distribute, and it's not like I can read an eBook and then donate it to a library or lend it to a friend . If they want to charge the same for an eBook as a regular book then they should allow the same freedom that you have with a book." —Akasha


"Shelling out $200 for an eReader was a huge and LONG awaited decision (and gift mind you) so a price increase would affect me. I JUST got one this Christmas after waiting years and one of the main reasons is because I read a lot of books and I read them quickly, so I either have to buy books on sale or I'm spending $200 at B&N in a just a few outings (without realizing how quickly it adds up). The whole draw was to SAVE money on books, so if the books go up in price, I would totally be outraged." —Happsmjc

"The only difference between the digital book and a physical book is the $2 per book spent on paper, printing, and warehousing. There isn't much savings other than that. There is still marketing, publicity, editing, and typesetting that needs to be paid for. There is still the author advances on royalties that need to be paid. The publishers still need to make a 30% or more profit on each book it sells, regardless of format, to stay in business." —bengalispice

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Source: Flickr User TheCreativePenn