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Signature Email Sign-Off

Email Etiquette: Do You Have a Signature Email Sign-Off?

Last week, a New York Times writer debated the meaning of various email sign-offs, from "Sincerely" to "Fondly" to "Love." Inspired by a woman who actually emailed her to ask the writer to not use her signature sign-off ("Carpe Diem") because she used it, the author "realized how fraught that little epistolary goodbye can be."

The piece makes some excellent points: with email (or any typed message), it's often difficult to interpret the tone or feeling of the words you're reading, which is why a sign-off is sometimes of heightened importance. "Best" may be too formal for everyday use, but "Thanks!" won't always cut it, either. She then admires a few friends' and acquaintances' sign-offs, ranging from "xx" to "Be Fabulous."

If I'm emailing with a friend or family, I usually stick with a simple, "xk" to sign my emails. If it's business, I usually stick with a "Thanks" or "Talk soon" — "Sincerely" and "Best" just aren't my thing. But this piece got me thinking . . . and I think I'd like to come up with a more creative signature valediction (that's the opposite of "salutation"; I had to look it up, too.)

Do you have a signature way of signing your emails?

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Txapo3092580 Txapo3092580 5 years
For signature i use Brandmymail ( ), which has full control over email signature and overall template :)
MichelleTraub MichelleTraub 6 years
I go with "Thanks!" for business even though I sometimes worry it might be too casual. Whenever I try to change to something else, it just doesn't feel right. I do try to use 'Best' to close out the first couple emails to a new work contact. As for friends & family, I go with "<3M". I was doing XOXO -M but my sister-in-law uses he same sign-off so I decided to change it! I occasionally use "Love and bunnies" but that is very rare :o)
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