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Signs You're Addicted to Technology

10 Signs You May Need a Techervention

We all get a little lift from new gadgets, websites, and apps, but the addiction can escalate pretty quickly. A tweet here and an Apple store splurge there can spiral to an all-night Retail Therapy bender or Singstar marathon. Next thing you know, you're hiding the signs of staying up all night with makeup and venti soy lattes. Are you in a danger zone and in need of a techervention? Here are some telltale signs.

  1. Your boyfriend surprises you with a couples spa weekend package and the first thing you say is, "Babe, does the hotel have WiFi?"
  2. You own a Nook, Sony ereader, and Kindle.
  3. says you sleep less than five hours a night.
  4. You know what is.
  5. You've wished for a tub shelf so you can soak in the bath and use your laptop at the same time.

For five other signs you're in need of a techervention, keep reading.

  1. You have more past-generation iPods and iPhones than days in the week. And then some.
  2. You know where your third grade BFF vacationed last month and what she plans to make for dinner Friday night. And you haven't spoken to her since third grade.
  3. Your morning routine goes something like: 1. Clocky alarm sounds. 2. Eyes open (barely). 3. Reach for cell and check personal email, check work email, check Facebook, and check Twitter. 4. Get out of bed.
  4. You frequently suffer social networking anxiety.
  5. You been known to text, tweet, and check your inbox while on dates, at the movies, and on the toilet.

Can you think of other ways you know you're addicted to your tech? Share them in the comment section below.

Join The Conversation
Countess827 Countess827 6 years
OMG how do you know my morning routine?? Except my phone IS my alarm clock. : D
Chim Chim 6 years
When you get a new gadget and everyone knows it because you become a recluse for the rest of the day/weekend..... I know because I did the same thing with my past 2 iphones and iPad. My name is Applehappi and I am a tech junkie
AlisonMcg67 AlisonMcg67 6 years
I guess I don't need one, I must be a boring techie.
PrincessOats PrincessOats 6 years
There is nothing wrong with that morning routine ;)
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