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Silicon Sisters Games for Women

Are You Into Female-Targeted Games?

We've had the discussion about women getting pigeonholed and targeted for lame video games before. Why is it so hard for video game companies to understand that a woman just wants an awesome game to play, not just one that's got pink on the box? One of my favorite games this year (besides the obvious FaceBook games, of course)? Alan Wake, which I think is pretty gender-neutral, but one that boasts a killer storyline.

Out to break the mold for "women's games" is Silicon Sisters — a new video game company based in Canada that will be creating games specifically for women in mind, but one that will hopefully skip all the frilly filler. Their objective is to create titles that allow women to perform tasks that they are "naturally good at," like "shooting stationary rather than moving objects," and "finding hidden objects in cluttered spaces." I like the sound of these games (since I'm also a fan of puzzlers), but can see this being a big debate — are you into female-targeted games, or would you rather people stop talking gender, and just let women game in peace?

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goddonut goddonut 5 years
Where's the 'no' option? I've spent lots of time and energy just to get basic respect from boys, I'm not going to play a just for girls game. Damnit I'm good at what they can do and I don't need anyone dumbing it down for me. 'shooting at stationary objects' I can hit a moving one just fine, thanks.
Vampyre Vampyre 7 years
Where's the "No" answer? I choose my games based on whether or not I like the sound of it. The colour of the box and who it's aimed at has nothing to do with it.
elramos elramos 7 years
I also find female targeted games insulting. They're mostly based on stereotypes, which don't apply to me. My most played game is call of duty.
Sasseefrass Sasseefrass 7 years
My experience so far is that any game specifically targeted to a female audience gets it wrong. Maybe I'm just an abnormal female, but I find their idea of what would grab my attention and mine are often polar opposites. Quite frankly, just because I enjoy cooking at home doesn't mean that I want to play 'Cooking Mama.' What I would like to see is more games that offer the choice to play as a female or male protagonist. And I'm not talking about creating female characters that are heavily skewed towards appealing to a male audience. (Bayonetta anyone?) I'm playing Persona 3 psp right now and, even though I've already played Persona 3 FES on the PS2, am really enjoying the storyline using the female lead. I realize this wouldn't work or even be desirable for every game, but it would still be fun. As well, it would be cool to see a few more female leads that are over 30 and not necessarily model material. If Solid Snake can do it, then so can a kick-ass female lead with some life experience.
gusterlover6 gusterlover6 7 years
Why isn't no an option? If I find a game is female targeted at all I abandon it completely. There's no reason to target women specifically with's insulting.
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