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Simple Cell Phone Tips, Part 1: Use Your Alarm

As you've probably noticed, the pay phone booths of yesteryear have been replaced with free WiFi and cell phone charging stations. According to a recent study by the Pew Research Center, in 2007, 81 percent of the U.S. population owned a cell phone, a 20 percent increase compared to 2002.

While we all use our beloved mobiles for phone calls, texting and even dating, we often overlook our phone's most simple functions and features. I've detailed some of my favorite cell phone tips in the past, but I decided to share a handful of easy ways to use your celly. For the first part in my new series,

You've probably decked out your bedroom with a trendy iPod compatible alarm clock, but you can still use your cell phone's alarm for plenty of things.

  • Set your phone alarm at night: Consider setting your cell phone alarm clock at night and plugging it in a couple feet away from your bed. It will make you get up out of bed to turn it off instead of snoozing. Hey, you might even be inspired to get up and work out.
  • Set your alarm for break reminders: Almost 75 million Americans spend their working hours in front of the computer, and according to Northwestern Health more than 50 percent of office workers report some form of eye strain. What's my advice? Take breaks from the computer! My eye doctor suggested I look up from the computer ever 15 minutes if possible and look around the room. While I probably won't do that, I've been setting my phone and computer to remind me to take breaks.
  • Motivation: If you're sick and tired of working on a certain project move on to something else for a couple of hours and set an alarm to remind you to go back to the project later. You'll feel refreshed and motivated when the alarm rings.
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