If you, or anyone you know is looking for a new place to live, you'd better check out MapsKrieg.com, a mashup of Google Maps and Craigslist.org that will help you find apartments, houses for rent, sublets or whatever living arrangement you are looking. (Well, it won't help you figure out how to move in with Justin of Justin.tv, but I'll keep scoping out tips for all you interested ladies.)

MapsKrieg.com allows you to pick your city from a pull-down list - not every city is available, but most major metropolitan areas are represented at this point. The usual Google Map will pop up for the city with the reddish balloon markers indicating Craiglist's ad for apartments and houses at that location. When you click on the balloon you get a white bubble with a snipit from the Craiglist ad and a link to the real post. It may not be the most complete way to search for a new crib, but it takes the pain out of weeding through the usual Craigslist search results and skipping all the shady streets.