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Small Gadgets

A Wee New Gaming Console and the History of Tiny Tech

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In December 2012, Nintendo made a most curious announcement; a product called the Wii Mini would be launching in Canada. For $100, the top-loading red and black console brought the same motion-sensing gameplay of the Wii at a fraction of the size and the price. The low-cost cousin of the Wii is finally landing stateside in November. Expect to see the Wii Mini — which has a similar aesthetic as the new Nintendo 2DS, a version of the handheld 3DS gaming system designed for younger children — hit stores midmonth at the same $100 pricing.

Nintendo isn't the only company that's released tiny tech to appeal to a bigger audience. As tech gets thinner, lighter, better — or at least marketing gets better labeling products "mini" — we decided to take a tour of the miniaturization of gadgets in recent years. From cars to projectors to even vacuums, take a look at what's gotten the pint-sized makeover.

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