I've seen more of these little guys puttering around the city lately — especially since BellaSugar and George Clooney took one for a test drive — and in case you've never spotted one yourself, let me introduce you to the Smart Car! This pint-sized eco car is said to get up to 45 miles per gallon on the highway, and for all you commuters, that means less pain at the pump!

With Nissan announcing Monday that it will follow suit of GM, Ford, and Toyota and scale back on the production of SUVs and turn their focus to more fuel-efficient rides, I think you might be seeing more Smarts and Hybrids on the roads soon. This is certainly good news for not only Mother Earth, but for drivers as well, since hybrids are bound to become more affordable with more of them hitting the roads.

Now that fuel-efficient technology is becoming more mainstream (and in higher demand), will you consider dumping your SUV for a more eco- and pocket-friendly car?