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Smartwatches 2013

Go Go Gadget! 9 Smartwatches For High-Tech Hands

Inspector Gadget's savvy niece Penny had a voice-activated, webcam-enabled watch we've coveted since childhood. With Samsung's Galaxy Gear annnouncement earlier this week, it's looking like smartwatches are no longer a thing of the future, and will — hooray! — finally hit the big time.

In the wake of Kickstarter-funded Pebble's meteoric rise and whispers of an Apple iWatch in the works, it certainly seems like wearable tech on the wrist is having its moment. The smartwatch is somehow more widely accepted than other wearable devices like Google Glass, which may be too intrusive on the wearer's face.

Watches are gadgets we already wear every day (er, some of us), and adding displays, processors, and other capabilities to them increases their functionality without being too much of a digital distraction. Instead of taking your phone out of a pocket, you'd just have to glance down at your wrist. In the gallery, discover nine wearable devices to (smart)watch this year.

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