When it comes to women and pink electronics the debate, accusations and "studies" seem unending. First the New York Times confirms that in order to appeal to women, manufacturers need to go way beyond pink (we agree!), then people start talking about the fact that women may be hardwired to prefer pink (what?!) and now we are back at square one with a study that says women routinely say no to the color.

Advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi recently polled female internet users in the UK and found that most of them believe manufacturers and retailers don't understand what they care about and don't view them as a relevant group of customers, according to Register Hardware.

On average the women polled said they spend about £321 (or $651USD) on personal technology every year. Wired got a closer look at the study and noted that only 9 percent of the women polled want products that "look feminine," like a pink Playstation or Hello Kitty keyboards. The remaining 91 percent said they like "sleek and sophisticated, more boardroom than teenage bedroom."

I'm assuming they won't be purchasing the new pink Sony "Jet Juke." And yes, I would have told them the same thing.