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Social Media Makes Cheating Easier

Women Think Social Media Makes Infidelity Easier: Do You Agree?

According to a recent poll, eight out of 10 women believe that social media makes cheating easier, but also believe that social media makes it easier to get caught. With the explosion of recent sexting and twitpic'ing of private parts, it's no wonder that women are more suspicious of wandering eyes, but the study also reveals that married women are more forgiving of relationship no-nos than single gals. For example, sexting was considered forgivable by 52 percent of married women verses 30 percent of single women, whereas cyberflirting with an ex can be forgiven by 64 percent of married women, but only 49 percent of single women say they can forgive such an act.

Since Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks are right at your fingertips 24/7, it seems easier to engage in extra-marital relationships on the sly, but even without the Internet, wouldn't a cheater find other ways to cheat? Do you agree that social media makes infidelity easier?

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Shortiegurl03 Shortiegurl03 5 years
I think if your husband is going to cheat, he's going to cheat. ...regardless of social media.
thecolor thecolor 5 years
on a side note... I'm NOT forgiving in situations like this. So, even though "if there's a will there's a way", it's NEVER acceptable!
thecolor thecolor 5 years
don't count mine as a female vote, but I've been down that road (having been cheated on) and while it was tough returning from that darkness, I feel I'm better for it; educated and NOW more secure with myself. I admit, I get goose bumps (for a lack of a better description) from intimidating people that interact with my wife (it's a natural reaction), 'specially with my personal insecurities that are tough to control (again natural); (e.g. I need to lose a few pounds, pay more attention here or there, etc.). Call it naive or don't, but I trust her, love her and simply put, I have to or I'd make myself crazy letting past experiences run my life. If things bubble up inside, I just take a breath and call it social. :D There's no reason to get anxious or stressed unless there REALLY is an "obvious" need. Originally, It made me nuts getting through it after the fact, why would I want to go through that again?
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