In a totally awesome news moment, Konarka Tech, a company that already makes its own light-into-energy-anywhere Power Plastic, successfully demonstrated the ability to print usable solar cells from an inkjet printer! In a report released yesterday, it explains that they used a highly sophisticated inkjet to manufacture the cells — proving that you don't have to be in a clean room environment to produce green energy.

What does this mean for us? Since we're all becoming aware of what our eco footprint is these days, as well as being introduced to more eco-friendly gadgets, it's inevitable that we might be able to take solar power into our own hands. To learn how just

By printing your own solar panels, you could power everything from your radio, to flashlights, to your mini fridge that sits next to your desk. Just pop in your solar "paper" and out comes a renewable energy source. Although those possibilities are a ways off, it's definitely a bonus that Konarka has secured $105 million in private financing from a number of investors so that they can forge ahead — making solar energy available to everyone, not just those who can afford to spend thousands on panels like we see now.