A friend of mine recently asked me what my best advice was for dealing with an overcrowded email inbox — and I unfortunately realized I wasn't applying any of the advice I could give to my own overcrowded inbox. But it's a common problem, and a ton of unread messages sometimes cause enough anxiety to ruin your day or, in extreme cases, make you consider declaring email bankruptcy. I've heard all kinds of solutions from different people — check email only once an hour, immediately file messages you receive — but none seem to work for me. Luckily, I found these suggestions to remedy a packed inbox from New York Times writer Nick Bilton:

"I don’t believe there is one panacea for in-box obesity. Fixing the problem will require multiple approaches. Some of them will have to come from the people who are partially responsible for this mess: the programmers."

To hear what's on the list,

The list of 10 ideas includes suggestions like, "Add the ability to take yourself off of an email chain," and "Add a 'Caution! Do you really want to reply-all?' feature." Some of the suggestions are meant in jest (like the one that suggests truncating all email messages longer than the 140-character Twitter limit, because, "do we really need more than 140 characters for most messages?"), but they're some of the most inventive I've seen lately. Do you have any email tips or tricks you use to keep your inbox at a manageable level?

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