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Some Publishers Delay the Release of Electronic Books

Some Publishers Plan to Delay Electronic Versions of Books

I'm not sure how to feel about this news story. On one hand, as an avid reader who treasures her book collection, I love to hate ereaders. On the other, as an avid reader who recently had to carry her treasured book collection up three flights of stairs, I kind of want an ereader to call my own. I also think the two groups of consumers — those who own and love ereaders and those who do not — are two very separate, not competing, groups. So I was surprised to read that some publishers plan to hold off on electronic versions of books until after the print versions have been on the market. One executive quoted in the article says:

"We believe that a large portion of the people who have bought e-readers are from the most devoted reading population. And if they like the e-readers, they are naturally going to convert because the e-books are so significantly less expensive."

What? The publishing industry is understandably worried about its future, and I don't blame them, especially at the rate that new devices and technologies are being released. To find out what else I think about this, just


On the other hand, I don't think that making readers who want to purchase the digital version of a book wait longer than those who purchase a hard copy is the answer. If iTunes and digital music are any example (and I think they're a great example, given their success), offering digitized versions of content helps the content catch on! Not to mention the environmental impact (yes, I'll go there).


Do you agree with me? I don't think I'll ever take my book collection 100 percent digital, but I see no reason to release the content at different times. I'm fascinated by this topic, so let me know what you think in the comments below.


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bengalspice bengalspice 7 years
Releasing the ebook at a different time as the Hardcover is no different than the staggered release of trade paperback and mass market. Unless people who are begging for the ebook are ready to pay hardcover prices ... Author's have to be paid royalties you know.
Hywar Hywar 7 years
Although this bothers me, you can often end up waiting for a decent amount of time for paperback books, as I often do. Hopefully this won't last, and books will come out in hard copy and digital copy on the same day.
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