A personal movie-screen-size display with 7.1 surround sound just for me? Eye'll allow it. On Monday, Sony announced its third-generation Personal 3D Viewer, a headset that fits over the eyes and delivers a big-screen experience with two HD OLED displays mere inches from your face. The gadget fiend who has it all . . . probably doesn't have this.

So, what is this wearable gadget exactly? Sony's new model is called the HMZ-T3W, and it slips over your head like a helmet. Built into the device are two HD OLED displays that project 2D or 3D content for each eye. The coordinated displays simulate being 65 feet away (or 20 rows back) from a 750-inch screen. To put that into perspective, the average movie theater's screen (non-IMAX) is about 630 inches diagonally.

The Personal 3D Viewer has earbuds that mimic virtual 7.1 surround sound. For better or worse, this gadget will definitely disconnect you from the outside world once you're plugged in.


Wearable wrist-bound tech, like the Pebble Smartwatch and Galaxy Gear, are becoming increasingly commercial. Perhaps head-mounted virtual reality sets like this Sony device are on the verge of hitting the mainstream market, too. The immersive gaming headgear Oculus Rift made headlines after its CES 2013 debut, and Google Glass can now be seen on red carpets and runways.

The HMZ-T3W is lighter and has a more streamlined look over its predecessor, the HMZT1. The headset is now wireless and comes with a compact battery box that can be slipped into a pocket. It can also be easily connected to mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, as well as gaming consoles, computers, and TV screens. Previously, Sony's Personal 3D Viewer could only connect to the TV.

It's available for preorder today for $999. Interested buyers must call 1-877-865-7669 to get their hands on the HMZ-T3W. Will Sony's Personal 3D Viewer be your extravagant holiday wish list pick of the year?