The closer we get to Feb. 14, more and more pink and red electronics are coming out of the woodwork! From cell phones and PDAs to mp3 players, gadgets have definitely been getting into the V-Day spirit. Adding to its arsenal of themed products, Sony unveiled a limited-edition Reader bundle just in time for the day devoted to all things love and romance. Coming fully stocked with 14 Harlequin novels and an ultraglam "Cross your Heart" pink protective skin, you can read through the pains and pleasure of romance all from a slim and portable 6" screen. And if you don't want to be reminded of the holiday of love all year round (or if pink just doesn't go with your bag), you can remove the skin to reveal the chic dark blue reader in its natural state.

At $300, I think it's a pretty sweet deal, considering you can store up to 160 average sized e-books on its memory board. I'll start dropping my hints now!