Sony VAIO Arabesque Arrives in Time For the Holidays

Colors of silver and gold always bring back memories of my younger days watching Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer, but instead of wanting an Easy Bake Oven this holiday, I'm wishing that Santa would slip the Sony VAIO LE Arabesque ($969) under the tree. I've been good, right?

Coming in gold and black, the VAIO Arabesque screams luxury with its textured design. But it's not all looks — this portable laptop is stocked with a nice 500GB hard drive, a crisp 14-inch LED display, a Blu-ray player, HDMI out, and of course a built-in camera so you can video chat with far away friends and family. The only downside? The battery life is pretty low at just over three hours, but you can opt for a larger pack that gets you five hours of juice. The Arabesque is in stock now so if you're interested, check out more pics of the intricate laptop after the break.

So.. Pretty...
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