A few months ago we read a study that said thirty-seven percent of U.S. e-mail users say they are getting more junk in their personal e-mail accounts. Now, we hear that spam is now 83 percent of all e-mail and that number is on the rise.

What's the scariest part about the survey? The number that 83 percent was derived from — 60 billion to 150 billion messages per day.

So what's an internet addicted person to do?

  • If you really want to cut back on e-mails from companies and organizations that require an e-mail address and then stalk you with daily spam, you can create a disposable email address with 10 Minute Mail.
  • Follow Wired's guide to Hiding Your E-mail From Spam Bots.
  • Create an e-mail address to use for all your online shopping, company marketing, announcements from companies you like. It will keep your work and personal e-mail cleaner and you can log in every couple of days instead of getting daily Bacn (the e-mail you receive that isn’t spam and isn’t personal mail).