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Stalking Your Ex on Facebook

My Funny Tech Story: Facebook Stalking, Totally Busted

I knew this day was going to come. I suppose by stalking an ex boyfriend on Facebook I was asking for it, but that doesn't make my experience any less mortifying. Let my funny/insanely embarrassing tale be a lesson to you all: stalk carefully!

My ex and I are no longer Facebook friends — I learned my lesson about that one! But due to our high number of mutual friends, his name still comes up easily when I search for it, so every now and then I'll type his name into the search box at the top of the Facebook home screen. Such was the case earlier this week when I typed his name, hit return, and waited for search results. Find out what happened next (spoiler: it's totally embarrassing) after the jump.

I was waiting for search results, except there were no search results because I typed his name into the "update" field, not the search bar. I deleted it as quickly as possible, but was already busted by a friend. Now I'm praying that none of our mutual friends were logged into Facebook during my 10-second gaffe. Stalkers take note: make sure you're typing into the search bar!

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