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The Force Is Not Strong With This Olympic Mogul Skier

Feb 13 2014 - 10:51am

Why would Star Wars' imperial walkers target, of all people, Olympic mogul skiers?! Are the AT-ATs envious of the athlete's two-legged agility? Do the all-terrain transports want the gold medal for themselves?

The motive behind the AT-AT Olympic attack of 2014 will remain a mystery, but the memory of the strike will live on, thanks to the expert skills of YouTube user Natholdetpaatv2 [1], who captured the event on film and edited the affair with perfection.

Source: YouTube user Natholdetpaatv2 [2]

Watch the cleverly edited Sochi 2014/Star Wars mashup below — it's a video that wins the gold medal in giggle inducement. There's nothing like a little laser-blast attack to get you back in the Olympic spirit.

Source: YouTube user Natholdetpaatv2 [3]

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