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Star Wars Travel Posters

Dream of a Galaxy Far, Far Away With Star Wars Planet Travel Posters

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Some vagabonds plaster images of far-off locales on their walls as a representation of their travel "bucket list," but being the ultimate Star Wars fanatic, the sad fact is you'll never get to step foot onto Hoth or Tattooine in real life. Visiting a few of the actual Star Wars filming locations will have to suffice until science figures out that whole warp speed thing. In the meantime, you can adorn your walls with these retro-style Star Wars travel posters. For just $19 each, you can daydream about visiting the woodsy world of Endor or the secluded desert planet of Tatooine, all while sprucing up your apartment.

Each poster is clean and simple, which means it doesn't scream "geek," but those who know Star Wars will appreciate its artful style. Get a closer look at each poster (plus a bonus graphic illustration that's just plain cool) in the slideshow!

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