Stop worrying about Sharknado . . . the

Skim through our top three picks, and see additional titles on sale below.

  • Don't Starve ($9, originally $15; $14 for two copies, originally $23) — Science and magic are at your disposal in this wild game. As gentleman scientist Wilson, you must figure out a way to escape the trappings of the wild and use your natural surroundings (and its monstrous, alien inhabitants) to do so.
  • Endless Space ($10, originally $30) — In this galactic indie hit, guide one of eight civilizations through space, take over other planets through diplomacy or by force (up to you), and discover hundreds of star systems and planets.

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  • July 12 Daily Deal: Call of Duty: Black Ops II ($30, originally $60) — The military franchise goes futuristic, launching its soldiers into a 21st century Cold War.
  • The Walking Dead ($6, originally $25) — Based on the comic book series, the game focuses on the story of criminal Lee Everett, a zombie-killing vigilante.
  • Fez ($5, originally $10) — An adorable 2D creature meets a 3D world full of secrets and puzzles and must look at the world in a different way to complete his journey.
  • BioShock Infinite ($30, originally $60) — A veteran, Booker, and a kidnap escapee, Elizabeth, team up to escape the flying city of Columbia.
  • Toki Tori 2+ ($10, originally $15) — Pick up and play the puzzle-loaded Toki Tori right away.
  • Hotline Miami ($2, originally $10) — Walk the streets of 1989 Miami, but beware: violence is rampant, so keep your wits about you.
  • Duke Nukem 3D ($6, originally $10) — The Megaton Edition of the classic first-person shooter includes three unique expansion packs on top of the original game.
  • Little Inferno ($5, originally $10) — In this beautiful indie, tap into your inner pyro and burn toys, cards, logs, robots, batteries, exploding fish, and more.

These are the games we'll be wiling away our vacation days with — but what about you? See the complete list of deals from Steam's Summer Sale, and let us know which titles will keep your eyes glued to the screen this season.