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Steve Ballmer on Xbox 360

Steve Ballmer Wants Girls to Get Excited About the Kinect, Xbox 360

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recently spoke to USA Today on the company's future plans, goals, and the state of gaming today. When asked if Microsoft resonated with the younger crowd like Apple seems to, Steve had an interesting response about girls and games. He says:

You go to your average 15-year-old boy, and he will say "I'll take an Xbox." I want that average 15-year-old girl as excited about the Kinect, and we haven't done as good a job drawing in that broader set of demographics.

While I appreciate Microsoft's efforts in making the Xbox more of a family entertainment center (heck, even Oprah gave them away), I have to say — I love the Xbox for its other games as well. One of my favorites, Fable II, is exclusive on the Xbox and really got me interested in other types of games that would normally be categorized as predominantly "male" titles. Now, I play Call of Duty, Gears of War, and Mass Effect just as often as I queue up Dance Central. Am I an exception, or are there more of you out there like me? Now I'm curious, girls, so tell me — which gaming console do you have at home?

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gamingangel gamingangel 6 years
I own all of the consoles listed. I also own a DS and a PSP and game quite a bit on my iPhone and Mac. Each system offers a unique experience and I enjoy gaming on all of them. I play everything from FPS to RPGs to casual games. I love them all!
aniline aniline 6 years
I use my Xbox for Netflix streaming more than anything else. Between my fiance and I, we have 2 Xboxes, 2 Wiis and a PS3. I'm mostly a mobile gamer though, so the majority of my gaming is either on my iPhone or my DS.
explodedsoda explodedsoda 6 years
I live with two other girls and between the three of us we have 3 360s, 3 Wiis and 1 PS3.
PrincessOats PrincessOats 6 years
Why am I allowed to have only one type of console? I have a 360 and a Wii.
macgirl macgirl 6 years
There are plenty of girl gamers in small geek communities like this, unfortunately we are still a rare breed out in the world. We have 2 Xbox 360s, 2 PS3s and a Wii. We do co-op gaming for the most part which is why we have 2 of each. For the first time the other night there was a second female playing Black Ops in our group. Mostly it's 12 year olds and older men.
Morokea Morokea 6 years
I guess I get what he was trying to say, but I know plenty of girls who are more than interested in the 360 and its many great titles. I think I'm on my millionth play-through of Dragon Age? Gaming geekiness is not just for boys anymore - hasn't been for a long time.
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