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Steve Jobs Announces The iPhone!

The grand announcement has been made folks, and it's an iPhone! Earlier this week 63 percent of you said you wanted an iPhone, so I imagine there are lots of happy campers out there today.

The Apple-branded mobile phone will have a touch-screen that combines features of the iPod, with some of the most innovative technology I've heard about in a while. It will run on the Cingular network and use a mini version of OS X. The iPhone is 1.16 cm thick and has a 3.5" widescreen touchscreen display with multi-touch support, 8GB of onboard RAM, Bluetooth, WiFi, and a 2 megapixel camera. I'm at Macworld right now, so I'll keep you updated on this and other announcements throughout out the day. Engadget featured some great photos. I'm taking more right now.

PoohBare PoohBare 10 years
Sorry but I just yawn about Apple/Mac products. Cingular sucked years ago when I was with them and I went with T-Mobile. They screwed us over and wouldn't let my husband and I have a plan that allowed us to talk to each other free so we moved back to Cingular. We've been back with them for 2 years and haven't had any problems like we did in the past. In my area, they now have the best coverage. I just upgraded my phone to a Treo 650 and love it! I'm sure later I'll go for something with WIFI but this does what I want for now.
macgirl macgirl 10 years
Alas, June is correct. You should have heard the collective deep sigh of sadness to hear a date so far in the future. My only worry is that it hasn't gotten FCC approval and that could really hold up manufacturing, distribution and all sorts of stuff. Hopefully they did a date far enough in the future that they can hit it and not disappoint.
macsugar macsugar 10 years
haha...i feel the same way about my treo 650! stupid thing hangs up on everyone, no one can hear me, bulky as hell, the little stub gets in the way of all those cute little carriers, no wifi... thanks for all the specs, price, contract info, macgirl. did i read/hear that it will be available in june?
macgirl macgirl 10 years
The 4GB phone is $499 and the 8GB is $599. Both ONLY sold with a 2yr contract. Keep in mind that my unlocked Treo 650 costs $599 from Palm when I bought it. It can't even do fancy video's or sense if I turn it sideways ;-) While I would have liked to see bigger size capacities on these phones the price points are right on for as much as they do. Not saying it's cheap, just saying it's how much I would expect to pay for something with that much technology in it.
macgirl macgirl 10 years
This phone will be exclusive to Cingular, if that is a deal breaker than you will have to go without an iPhone :-( The price point is also solid, you won't be offered any discounts on phones for upping your service contract. They didn't let us have any hands on time with the phone, they kept it all locked up in a little plastic box with security around it. It is much smaller than it looked in the keynote. It is very thin as well. I just can't tell you how ready I am to kick my Treo 650 to the curb. I too had abandoned Cingular years ago for T-Mobile, I didn't recall why we left but I know my husband wasn't happy with them. We will be going back to Cingular. This phone is so sexy and will be worth any Cingular trauma I go through.
JennaV JennaV 10 years
Did someone say it is $599 WITH a 2 year contract? :O :jawdrop:
JennaV JennaV 10 years
LOL OC! I have a 30GB Ipod and a cute phone too and I still want this :drool: But booooooo to Cingular :( I have Verizon and my contract is up in March but Cingular is the last place I would want to switch to :( :cry:
gossipqueen gossipqueen 10 years
sooooo, how much is it???
aistea311 aistea311 10 years
I hated cingular. They would always charge these crazy fees, and one time they charged me 500 dollars for a phone bill because I used the phone out of state, even though I had nationwide coverage. I switched to T-Mobile 2 years ago, and they are awesome. If my phone acts up they give me like a 5 dollar credit, or if their network is lazy, 5 dollar credit, and I love my sidekick II, cant live without it. Cingular is just too greedy, and their customer service closes too soon, what kind of service is that?
gagirl gagirl 10 years
I have Cingular and it did suck a couple years ago but now the service is fine. I believe it was when they went through the whole AT&T takeover things were a little sketchy. Of course, AT&T just bought Cingular out so it'll be interesting to see what happens. This phone is absolutely amazing but the price is no joke! Damn! I just renewed w/ Cingular with a pink SLVR (which is basically a phone/ipod) but there is no way I can see myself getting this phone at $500!!! People will be buying these just to say they have one and won't even use the features.
partymedic partymedic 10 years
I am excited, I am a cingular customer and have never had a problem with the service. When I travel there is never a problem being able to find service, wereas my work phone provider, sprint/nextel's coverage is horrid.
flutterpie flutterpie 10 years
i love it when a new phone is launched, its very exciting to watch the market scramble to come up with something comparable if its popular and breathe a sigh of relief when its not. i know sprint does not have the resources to invest in something like that now and verizon is really pushing their chocolate line, so it looks like cingular and tm will have it for awhile. i know he thinks you're fine and stuff but does he know how to wind you up?
yogasweetie yogasweetie 10 years
It makes sense that the deal is with Cingular. In order for the phone to be sold internationally it had to be a GSM phone (ie have a sim card) and only Cingular and T-mobile support those phones. I just got Cingular in September and I love it. I get much better coverage than I did before. I've heard bad things about cingular from people who had it two years ago, but not from those who have it now, so maybe if you had a bad experience it was back then? I'm also really happy that it is a quad-band so that I can travel with it, a major bonus. The only draw back is the price (Oh, and I wish you could buy songs on the phone, that would be cool) - but in general it looks amazing.
macsugar macsugar 10 years
Yippee, iPhone! But...I have a Treo 650 from Sprint right now and have been anxiously awaiting this announcement before re-upping my contract and upgrading to the 680 or 700...BUT, they don't have wifi. Is Cingular horrible? Everyone posting above seems to hate it. That's a lot of dissatisfied customers. Why would Jobs make Cingular an exclusive partner, maybe they just waiting for others (Sprint/Verizon/etc) to sign on????
Kaciegrrl Kaciegrrl 10 years
Yeah, I'm totally excited about this minus the Cingular part - they need to make one for Sprint!
redsugar redsugar 10 years
It's my moon pony come to life!
juliem juliem 10 years
rubialala: Twice, Cingular swallowed the companies I had signed up with (PacBell and AT&T Wireless (yes, before Cingular was brought into the AT&T brand, AT&T Wireless was a shootoff of AT&T)). Both times, I had great experiences pre-takeover. Once it happened, the transition was horrible, the service declined, the billing was a disaster, and Cingular treated the customers miserably. So I will do my darnest to never deal with them again. It takes a lot for me to truly detest a company this much, but Cingular did it. I've been with Verizon for about 18 months, and I've gotta say, the service and customer service rocks. Well worth the extra buck or two they charge. They aren't perfect (disabling certain Bluetooth connections and other geeky stuff), but they are light years ahead of Cingular. I do wish Verizon had cooler phones, but you can't have everything.... When/if Verizon gets the iPhone, I'll upgrade. Till then, I'll stick with trusty Motorola.
lickety-split lickety-split 10 years
cingular issues for me are dropped calls. drives me nuts!
soccer_obsessed soccer_obsessed 10 years
I love this phone just not thrilled about the cingular part :D
Susanna Susanna 10 years
For once I'm actually happy to be a Cingular customer ;)
OChottie OChottie 10 years
I want this right now! I have the 30 gig video iPod, and a cute phone, but I still want this!!
rubialala rubialala 10 years
This phone looks awesome, and I have Cingular and love it!!! What bad experiences has everyone had?!? Anyway, I want to get this for my next upgrade.
GirlinMotion GirlinMotion 10 years
I love this freakin' phone! I'm soo excited (and glad I have Cingular for once)!!!
juliet juliet 10 years
I LOVE YOU, MAC WORLD! (and Steve Jobs) I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!!! (and I want this phone)
kimretta kimretta 10 years
so awesome! but like almost everyone else who's commented, I won't be getting one for a while, because I'm stuck in a contract with Sprint for the next gazillion years.
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