Remember when sending email forwards was totally in vogue and not at all annoying? It was about, oh, 1999 or so, and you and your friends would send each other chain letter forwards, quizzes about yourself that you filled out, inspirational poems about girlfriends and sisters, warnings to each other about deodorant causing cancer, and how to save a kid dying of a life-threatening disease you've never heard of.

Maybe it was the advent of social networking sites, but somehow, people stopped sending forwards. And I stopped getting annoyed every time I checked my inbox.

However, some people haven't really gotten that memo — and I'm sorry, but Mom, I totally have to call you out — and if you're afraid to tell them straightforwardly, the website will send an anonymous message on your behalf with a gentle but firmly-worded cease-and-desist email. Really, you're doing all of their email contacts a favor.

And as for you, Mom — well, you can keep on doing it. I like seeing your name in my inbox, even if it does mean getting a forward.