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This Grammar Quiz Will Make You Feel Like a Genius — Until You Realize It's So Wrong
JK Rowling
A New Harry Potter Theory Suggests Hagrid Is More Powerful Than You Thought
J.K. Rowling
The Harry Potter Fan Theory That J.K. Rowling Finds "Strangely Upsetting"
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c0rkie c0rkie 9 years
omg is this freals!?!
himemsis himemsis 9 years
This has got to be a gag joke.
cmachter1 cmachter1 9 years
Schaianne Schaianne 9 years
You have got to be f'ing kidding me, right?
baby-doll baby-doll 9 years
Lol eww, that's hideous! i've never seen that gameboy in my life either.
LadyLibertine LadyLibertine 9 years
kinda think meh, but I am sure there are some out there who would buy it just to own it
elramos elramos 9 years seriously can't just pause or turn the game off to eat? Do they have one of these to wipe your butt too so you can go to the bathroom without having to stop playing?
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
i just don't see how it works, practically - don't you need to use the finger/hand with the strapped on thing to lift the food to your mouth therefore not be able to play at the same time?
mayjunejuly mayjunejuly 9 years
i think it would just make your fingers even sweatier and further inhibit gameplay?
rlveronica rlveronica 9 years
Obsessed much? Haha.
KadBunny KadBunny 9 years
...I don't get it. Like wouldn't you have to pause anyway?
millarci millarci 9 years
m-m-m m-m-m 9 years
What the hell kinda gameboy is that? Is that real? I love it!
mh84 mh84 9 years
I think it's kinda useless. I prefer taking a pause and eat normally... Did you try the new Mario Strickers Charged on the Wii? It's so fun!
rubialala rubialala 9 years
That is too much.
shafiii shafiii 9 years
wow, that is so wrong and funny at the same time. to think some epople are addicted to the point that they even play while eating
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