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Streaming Workout Videos at Home

5 Ways to Stream Your Workouts at Home

Being on a budget may be a way of life these days, but cutting back on expenses doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your health goals. If a gym membership isn't in the cards, the good news is you can still get a great workout in your own home. Don't think it's possible? Check out these five ways you can leave the gym behind, raise your heart rate, and stream it all on your home network.

  • Netflix — More than endless movie and TV possibilities, Netflix also has a great selection of workout videos to choose from. Stream them at home, or add them to your queue, and keep them for as long as you want. For $9 a month for unlimited access, I'd say that's a steal.
  • OnDemand — Ever look at your cable provider's OnDemand section? Besides new pay-per-view movies, you can get a great workout with ExerciseTV, under the Sports & Fitness category, which offers classes like yoga, kickboxing, and cardio workouts to blast fat.

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  • Hulu — Even if you don't have cable, you can get ExerciseTV on Hulu. Coming in small, bite-sized clips, you can combine several workouts for your legs, arms, and abs to form a sweat-inducing session guaranteed to tone you up by Summer.
  • iTunes — Just search "Fitness" in the iTunes store, and you'll find plenty of exercise videos and series workouts to use at home, podcasts and playlists to keep you moving, and apps that will help you create interval workouts for your runs.
  • Video games — Did you know that Dance Dance Revolution can burn up to 900 calories an hour? Crazy! Thanks to gaming accessories like the Microsoft Kinect, video games are getting you (and your family) off the couch to play. Your Shape: Fitness Evolved takes exergaming to new heights with its highly evolved sensor that can detect your form and body composition to help you get a better workout and achieve better results.
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jennalanger jennalanger 6 years
I have found some great Podcasts for working out. I just cancelled my gym membership because I feel like it takes too much time and it's not worth the money. I'll have to check out Hulu now too, thanks!
meggyme meggyme 6 years is a great resource for at home yoga. They come in varying styles and length of workouts. I love using them for a quick yoga fix.
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