People who use wireless internet "show deeper engagement with cyberspace," according to a recent study. While 54 percent of internet users check e-mail "on the typical day," 72 percent of wireless users check daily. The numbers don't surprise me at all because wireless is easier all around - no wires and portability means you can go online wherever you want and who doesn't love that?

In other wireless news, half of wireless users get news online every day, compared to 31 percent of internet users at large. Does this mean wireless users are smarter and more informed, or that it's just easier for them to get online?

Here's more:

The survey found that the number of internet users with wireless at home nearly doubled, from one out of 10 in January 2005 to one in 5 by December 2006.

About 80% of those with wireless access at home also had broadband internet.

The report speculated that wireless might allow for high-intensity use, which supported the idea that "the key feature of mobile communication is connectivity and not mobility".

"Lifestyle circumstances such as one's job may require lots of email connectivity and associated wireless access," the report said.

Are you using wireless? How often do you go online and how often do you read news online. I'm curious now!