Now that the iPhone 3G has been out for a few weeks, those of us who took the shot and bought the new phone have settled in with our new toy, and those of you who are still considering it may be basing you decision on what you've seen so far.

I've been impressed by the quicker speed of the 3G, and having GPS on my phone ain't too shabby either, but the best thing, hands down, is the App Store. It's obviously not limited to the 3G iPhone either — if you got the 2.0 update, you're good to go with new applications on a Touch or first-gen iPhone, but it's the main reason I'm so excited to pick up my new phone. The App Store has impressed so many, in fact, that the New York Times reports that other cell phone carriers are eager to develop more apps for their handsets, too, meaning that you won't always have to be an Apple user to get great time wasters like Scribble!

But tell me, is the App Store your favorite thing about the new iPhone, or are you most excited about the 3G, GPS, longer battery life, or colors?