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Ask a Geek Girl: Hands-Free iPhone Case?

Geeksugar reader Kimberley emailed me yesterday with a pressing question for any geek: What iPhone case should I get? Only Kimberley's problem is a little different — she doesn't want a sleeve or gel style because her phone won't be going in a purse, instead, she wants something that can hold the phone independently, and to her body.

"A wrist-strap style case doesn't work because I do a lot of things with my hands (carrying books, making copies, organizing documents, etc). I don't wear clothes with pockets or belts every day, either, so a belt-clip style would not suffice. I need to look professional, so a sports-style armband would not do either."

I think I found a good solution, which is actually pretty fashion conscious: Incipio's Bond Street iPhone Holster, which can be worn around the shoulder, or carried by its straps. It's also at a great price point: $25.

To see my other suggestions for Kimberley, just


If Kimberley didn't want something that fastened to her body, I also like the Want's book-style iPhone case.

And for something that's fun and its own "purse," there's Juicy Couture's leather case. What would you suggest for Kimberley?


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cassidys-mom cassidys-mom 8 years
I wanted the same features as Kimberley, along with just a bit of space for cash/credit cards/coins--nice looking and hands-free. After quite a lot of looking, I found two very nice options. The Baggallini Teenee bagg has several zipped pockets, and an open pouch on the back that is just large enough for the iPhone 3G to be inserted vertically. Straps can be used at waist, shoulder or cross-body. Pricier but very nice looking, the Osgoode Marley 1662 shoulder bag will hold the iPhone in its main compartment, with zip pockets for cash, etc. A bit of rerouting is necessary for the straps to provide all three carrying options, however. The leather and fittings are very nice quality.
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
those are both great choices! i like the book-style one best.
kimberley kimberley 9 years
Thanks so much for the great suggestions! I'm definitely getting a nice case as well as the holster, so I can accessorize properly AND be reachable no matter what I am wearing.
museanima museanima 9 years
I'm with neko, I have never used a case with mine either, it is just so beautiful on it's own! The only thing I have is an armband for the gym and running.
kcwebgirl kcwebgirl 9 years
that is a weird problem to have.
neko neko 9 years
No suggestions since I've never used a case with my iPhone, but I just wanted to say great finds :) I'll be suggesting the book iPhone case to a friend.
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