Tis the season of carry-on bags, quick weekend road trips and summery totes, so lugging a heavy computer bag can be a real pain. I've found the easiest way to travel with my laptop, or even transport it with me to and from the office, is to carry it in a slim sleeve, which I sneak into my larger purse. Simple, black sleeves are so boring so after I read about the fun new laptop bags from Puma, I went on a hunt for colorful, bright sleeves that will give my sweet little lappy a fun makeover. Right now I have my heart set on this orange Work Out Laptop Bag by Tucano because it's small enough to fit inside my purse, but also has a handle in case I want to carry it alone.

For the most part, laptop sleeves and thin cases are made of incredibly stretchy and thin nylon, which can fit most laptop sizes, but if you have an extremely small notebook or a larger computer I suggest you bring it with you when you're shopping or measure it before you leave the house. Also, if you start using a sleeve make sure you put your computer to sleep or turn it off before you slip it in your bag for a long ride or flight. Laptops can get pretty hot and grumpy if they are stored in a bag for too long because the fan can't let air out. Sleeves and thin laptop case prices range from $20 to 100.

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