It's true — the iPad is great for keeping kids occupied. But for the price, I wouldn't dream of buying a four year old an iPad of their own. However, I suppose normal rules don't apply to megastars.

Suri Cruise was spotted playing with her very own iPad while out to dinner earlier this week (at midnight, no less!), and although I'm sure Tom and Katie aren't worried about price tags on any of their luxurious gadgets, I think we are all blown away at how the age cutoff for an expensive tech toy keeps creeping lower and lower. First Maddox gets an iPod Touch, and now Suri Cruise gets an iPad? I remember having to beg my mom for a pager when I was 12. Yeah, I said it — pager.

Here are some of your responses and reactions to Suri's high-tech plaything:

  • "Honestly if I were in their income bracket and had a kid, I would give an iPad to them. I think with proper supervision it can be a great tool to educate so long as it's used in moderation (like anything) and the child is also getting stimuli from face-to-face interactions, and physical play" — joliz
  • "Goodness, I remember when I got a PAGER in high school. These days, kids are growing up way to fast." — ILOVEKITTIES
  • "I thought of getting my son a iPad, but I decided to hold off on it until they make more/better apps for tots and Thomas shows. I'm also worried about whether the gadget will have a very negative effect on his eyes." — Anonymous

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  • "I think that if it belongs to the parent and they just happen to have some kid-friendly apps on there, then it's no big deal. But if you're buying it solely for a child then that is a bit too much." — PockyHockey42
  • "If we could afford an ipad for each of our kids, I'd love one! So much cleaner than paper and crayons. A great teaching tool and something to keep them occupied. I'm not one to let my kids have a lot of tech time or tv time, I'm a firm believer in creative play and playing outside, but there are times when these things are the best option!" — Anonymous