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Survey Says More People Play Video Games Than Go to Movies

What's Better: Playing Video Games or Going to the Movies?

I know, in a perfect world, you'd never have to choose, but a recent study found that more people said they had played a video game in the last month than had gone to the movies. Well, to that I say, doy — we're in the middle of a recession where people are cutting back on entertainment, but if you own a video game, you can continue to play it.

And also, even though you are not going out to the movies and buying tickets, you may be renting movies and watching them on TV.

The study results seem to indicate that video games have gotten more popular than movies and maybe they have — but I don't think it's because people are less interested in the movies. I am an avid gamer, but I like a controller in my hand as much as I like a tub of popcorn in it.

So in light of the survey, whether it makes sense to you or not, I'm curious — you pick: video games or movies?


mouldy mouldy 8 years
it depends on my mood actually. but i rather play games than watch movies because it's cheaper, the pop corn/drink/dinner combo kinda kills it, all for 2hours. i rather rent the dvd.
Monique-Marie427757 Monique-Marie427757 8 years
Playing video games cost less if you already got the game system and games, plus you can have a group of friends come over and they can bring food and have a good time that can last a lot longer then going to the movies.
JessaG JessaG 8 years
Games! With the details and graphics and everything else some of them feel like you are controlling a movie! lol. Besides, I love the idea of playing for as long as as I want, without having to necessarily put aside so many hours to watch a movie. I do love going to the movies though, especially some of the good ones that are popping up this summer. Star Trek+ IMAX = Amazing. Cannot wait for the other big blockbusters this summer.
Anonymous25 Anonymous25 8 years
Games are such a great form of entertainment! They are inexpensive (sometimes even free), fun and offer just as much variety you'll find at the movies-- mystery, suspense, adventure, comedy--it's all there. I've worked in the game industry for several years (I'm a producer for GameHouse) and have seen the quality and quantity of games go up and the prices go down, which is a great thing in today's economy! Great post.
Zivanod Zivanod 8 years
I do both. I play the Sims though way too much but also enjoy seeing the latest film at the theatre.
Tech Tech 8 years
OMG, I love how the poll is at a perfect 50/50 right now! Wonder how long that will last . . .
c4rolin3 c4rolin3 8 years
I love going to the movies..... but it's just getting so bloomin' expensive these days! Especially now I'm not a student, and I can't go on Wednesday's as I'm always busy so don't benefit from Orange 241. Also there's not really been too much out lately that I don't feel the need to rush to the cinema to watch it.... I can just wait till it comes out on DVD or find a US website to watch it online. Videogames are also a lot more fun and interactive. Agree that you can chat to people and especially with the Wii now... it's great fun and you don't necessarily have to be a gamer. I've never understood why on dates people go to the pictures- when you can't chat and have to stay quiet :)
sontaikle sontaikle 8 years
Video Games! I can go to the movies with my boyfriend, but I can't really talk to him during the movie. With a video game, we can chat and get entertained at the same time :)
margokhal margokhal 8 years
Depends on what video games we're playing, but usually video games win. They cost less overall, and provide longer gratification than a movie would.
Sasseefrass Sasseefrass 8 years
Video games win hands down! Comparison: Movies: Sit in an uncomfortable chair sharing at least one of your armrests with a complete stranger, getting the back of your chair constantly kicked/pushed by inconsiderate cement heads all the while listening to chomping, chewing and slurping sounds that are incomprehensibly louder than the improperly balanced sound of the show itself. Video Games: I get to sit on my own comfy couch and play the game of my choosing with minimal interruption. (OK, I'm a mom so I do occasionally have to go upstairs and comfort one of my wee ones--I game after they've gone to bed.) The surround sound is adjusted perfectly and the game looks great on my 50 inch plasma TV. FWIW, I think it would be a more fair question to ask if you'd rather watch movies at home or at the theatre. OR if you'd rather watch movies at home than game at home.
glam-sugar glam-sugar 8 years
Video games!
Pistil Pistil 8 years
If it's a movie I've been dying to see, I'd rather go to the movies. But a good video game with friends can be a lot more fun and interactive than sitting in a dark theatre.
Chouette4u Chouette4u 8 years
I voted going to the movies because with a toddler, I rarely get to go and I work for a gaming company, so I sometimes have to play video games for work.
starangel82 starangel82 8 years
Video games. Something I can do at home, with or without friends, and still have fun. Going to the movies is a rare treat because it is so darn expensive.
dootsie dootsie 8 years
Playing video games--I can get up to go pee whenever I like without missing out on the action. :D
tvjunkie45 tvjunkie45 8 years
Both. Playing video games is more of a regular occurrence while going to a movie is a treat, something I rarely do.
Gdeeaz Gdeeaz 8 years
i like to play video games with my friends. we used to always go to the movies and it was fun but playing video games is a lot funner IMO. i haven't gone to see a movie since august.
heatherhas heatherhas 8 years
I put video games. . .but thats just because I don't consider myself a "movie" person. I am much more into what is happening with games.
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