Maybe it's just me, but whenever I read about new waterproof gadgets my initial reaction is - how can that be safe? I guess in the last century, electronics and water have be-friended one another since there is a wide variety of 'safe' waterproof gadgets on the market. I've already showcased such gadgets like the SwimMan iPod Shuffle as well as waterproof cameras like the Pentax and Blue Jazz. Now there's the swimmer's and snorkeler's mp3 player which I spotted on 7Gadgets.This bad boy works underwater by using bone conduction to transmit sound waves from the cheek bones to the inner ear to provide high sound clarity- unlike other methods that use air-conduction that can usually make your music sound muffled. The entire player is enclosed in a 100% waterproof rubber case, is said to be extremely durable and has 256 MB of memory. Priced at $200.